Education system of Hong Kong

We are Hong Kong unison. We welcome you to our information series on education.  Here, we will tell you about the basics of Hong Kong education system.  In this story, we will talk about Hong Kong education system.  Education is broadly divided into four stages kindergarten K 1 2 and K 3, primary P 1 2 and P 6, secondary form 1 2 4 6, and post-secondary education.  Hong Kong government provides 9 years of compulsory education, and 12 years of free education which means when your child reaches 5 years 8 months by law.  You must send him or her to a primary school to complete 9 years of education.  Kindergartens are under the EDB quality education.  Scheme is also partly subsidized although kindergarten education is not compulsory at the moment.  It is better for your child to study kindergarten since it is the best time for your child to grasps the language in both the Chinese and English.  More public primary schools uses Chinese to teach.  If your child does not have a good foundation in Chinese, he or she will have limited choices of primary schools.

Your child may need to study Chinese in an adapted circle him, and there is no guarantee that he or she could bridge back to mainstream Chinese class in secondary school.  School fees are not required for government or aided primary and secondary schools, but you may need to pay other fees like air conditioning fee, book fee, Tong fee, equipment free, etc.  Exam results in second term of primary five and whole year exam results in primary six are important for admission to secondary school.  Most secondary school use Chinese that has a medium of instruction.  Students in form 6 will take a public exam called HK DSC and use the results to apply tertiary institutions.  If their results is not good enough to enter university degree program.  Directly, they can study other programs like diploma higher diploma or associate degree and then top up with a university degree program.  Apart from government schools, there are also direct subsidy DSS and private schools.  These schools are allowed higher flexibility in resource deployment teaching curriculum, student admission, and school fees.

What if parents need financial help in children’s education?  You can apply for subsidies like school textbook, assistance student travel and internets subsidy through the student financial office as if they will assess your family income to see if you pass the mean test, contact information is here and you can also ask the schools to get these forms.  If you want to know about the education system, you can also   please call hunker munition at two seven eight nine three to four six or email us at info at unison dot o-r-g educate and check out our more video on how to select a suitable school for your child.

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