Education Systems in the World New Zealand is the 10th country

Education Systems in the World, New Zealand is the 10th country with the best education system in the world with 83 points 2 points.  It ranks 5th position for critical thinking in teaching.  The country is also ranked number one in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit for providing future skills.  Education for its youth the education system encourages students to ask questions and think critically.  Teaching styles offers practical and hands-on learning the quality of teaching and an underlying.  A culture focused on children’s learning which is the key factor in its successful education system.

Number 9 Iceland sits as the ninth country with the best the education system in the world with 83 points, three points slightly ahead of New Zealand.  The country ranks 4th position in school life expectancy in a 2016 study.  Iceland was ranked the third and the most literate nation in the world.  Trailing behind Finland and Norway according to the nation’s websites, Iceland is a fundamental principle of the Icelandic educational system that everyone should have equal opportunities to acquire an education.  He is respective of sex economic status residential location religion possible handicraft and cultural or social background with a literacy rate of 99% and an unemployment rate at around 2.7 percent.  Perhaps, the rest of the world can learn from the system of education in Iceland.

Number 8 Norway no way offers the eighth best education system in the world with 83 points nine points.  The country is ranked fifth position on ease of finding skilled employees and fourth position on Popeil to teacher ratio in primary education.  The Norwegian educational system is based on the principle that everyone should be able to get an education regardless of their social background.  The public education system is one of the best and the most popular in Europe.  Everyone between the ages of 6 to 16 must attend school in Norway.  Our public education is free in Norway and public higher education is tuition-free for poor Norwegian and international students.

Number 7 Sweden offers the seventh-best educational system in the world with 84 points two points.  Its ranks first position for digital skills among population sixth for critical thinking in teaching and seventh for the extent of staff training.  The Swedish Education Act states that all children and young people had to have equal access to education regardless of gender where they live or social or economic factors.  Sweden has one of the most egalitarian education systems with populist chances of succeeding in school being more equal in Sweden than most other European countries.  The whole the system is fewer targets driven and more child-centered.

Number six the Netherlands, the Netherlands ranked sixth position for the country with the best education system in the world with 84.5 scores.  It ranks third place on the quality of vocational training as well as a skill set of graduates, and fourth on digital skills among population.  Research has shown that play and exercise is vital to children’s growth and screw performance.  Dodge schools typically don’t give much homework until secondary level which gives them time for daily exercise.  As result, dodge children were found to be the happiest in the world.  In 2013 UNICEF study, education in the Netherlands is free for primary and secondary schools.  Parents need to pay for annual tuition only after a child reaches sixteen years of age.

Number five Denmark ranks fifth position for the best education system in the world with eighty-four point nine points out of 100.  It is the second-best for critical thinking in teaching and fifth for quality of vocational training.  The Danish education system has its origin in the cathedral and monastery schools established by the Roman Catholic Church in the early Middle Ages, and seven of the schools established in the 12th and 13th centuries. They still exist today.  Almost all educational institutes in Denmark are free of charge for Danish citizens and permanent residents.  Education endemic is compulsory for children below the age of 15 or 16.

Number 4 Germany ranks 4th position for the best education system with eighty-five point four points.  It’s ranked second on mean years of schooling and seventh on quality of vocational the training skill set of graduates and ease of finding skilled and please.  The responsibility for the education system in Germany lies primarily with the states.  While the federal government plays a minor role, school attendance is compulsory from age six for nine or ten years.  The system varies throughout Germany because each the state decides its own educational policies.  German public education makes it possible for qualified kids to study up to university level regardless of their family’s financial status and for the three best education systems in the world.

Number three the United States education system ranks the third-best in the world its ranks first position on critical thinking in teaching and ease of finding skilled employees second position on digital skills among population.  Skill is set of graduate’s quality of vocational training and extent of staff training.  While they are mixed debates about the quality of education in the United States, it still stands as one of the best in the world.

Number two Switzerland has the second best education systems in the world.  It holds the first position on the extent of staff training quality of vocational training and skill set of graduates and third on critical thinking in teaching.  Education in Switzerland is a largely decentralized system.  It’s the 26 Canton’s not the federal government that are responsible for your compulsory education system.  And the system relies almost entirely on public.  The fund just 5% of children attends private schools.  The rest go to public schools.  Lessons are taught in different languages including Germany, French, and Italian depending on the region of Switzerland and the best education the system in the world is found in Finland.

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