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Interactive Classroom Demo, we are going to explain you about what DG school solution is and whether uniqueness and what hardware and this device are meant for the HCL digit school classroom.  Setups come along with a UPS and CPU speakers for the audio keyboard mouse, a remote control for the projector and the smart and practical.  This tray comes with two pens and this is a normal duster same base as you are using in a classroom.  It’s as easy as you are using a normal board.  You are using a chalk so once you open click on the SMART Notebook whether you can use a pen and even this is a touch sensitive board.  You can use your fingers.  You can start writing on the book.  There is a toolbar which consists of multiple tools you just need to be aware about the functionality and features of these toolbar.  If you want to arrange this, the same operation which you are actually doing in a classroom whenever you are delivering lecture.  You are teaching you just need to rub.  You are rubbing the things so same ways.

You can pick a duster and start rubbing licking a pen and I am writing any dictionary word.  You can convert this into text format. You just click on this and it appears.  I click on this found the button.  You’ll get in the text format you can change the position of this word you can increase the size by clicking on this button you can rotate this.  You can make n number of replicas of this.  you can clone this in you are getting multiple if you drag it you are able to select do a multi selection just click on the button. You are doing various operations with this.  So if you want to draw a shape, there are various options. We just select a shape and draw a line and add a new page.  Always, so it’s not students in understand easily. You just draw anything with the object pen.  It converts into a line of curves or rectified object.  You are getting on the screen there is no constraint of space when you are using an interactive whiteboard.  So, you just need to add more pages which is not possible in a normal or a traditional goal pick a pen in selecting and start writing on this page.  So if I select a magic pen, if you are writing using a magic pen whatever you are writing.  It start disappearing after friction of seconds.  If you draw a circle.  It acts as a spotlight you can change the position of the spotlight.  You want to increase the sign or increase the size.  If you draw a box, it acts as a magnifier.  If you are doing a frog dissection in a class, you need to get the frogs in then the dissection kit in a class, but here it’s very easy.

You can call students and they are doing the dissection from the board itself and you are getting the instruction on the lower inside press the pen button the toolbar so that we can secure this crowd.  You just need to select the pins and secure the from  so once you are through with this locate and press on the abdomen select a scale button from the toolbar and Maggie.  Carson is stubborn then you just need to follow the instruction that you are getting on the lower side.  Now you can open the muscle of the main flap and spin.  Also, you just need to select the pins and securities locate on the thorax use a scissor once you select a magnifier.  You call the students.  They’ll identify where the organs located.

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