My name is Salama, and I recently finished the International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering at Durham University International Study Centre. This programmed prepared me for my chemistry degree at Durham University. Being an international student was an unbelievable experience where I met individuals from various nations all over the world. I learnt more about their cultures and even a couple of words from their language. In addition, studying alone in a foreign nation has taught me to end up being more independent and self-sufficient.

Durham University International Study Centre offers support for global students. The curriculum at the International Study Centre will be different from what you will anticipate. However, you can adapt to it. Because I was a chemistry structure student, I had to take numerous STEM modules. During these modules, brand-new subjects introduced to me that I had not taken throughout my high school years. Whenever I had any difficulties, I would ask my tutors, and they were pleased to help me. Furthermore, in the last term of DUISC, a job is required from all International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering trainees, which is advantageous for us as it improves lab skills and time management. The essential thing to do for your project is to plan and prepare in advance.

The structured program at the International Study Centre provides students with excellent opportunities to ensure that all the students become well-established researchers. Among the fantastic opportunities given to the chemistry trainees was the Chemistry Olympiad, where I got the silver medal. Such opportunities benefit the students by contributing to their CV and developing their scientific skills. Likewise, the administration at the International Study Centre is very helpful and helpful. When I needed to participate at badminton competitors back home, they supported me and offered me excused lack from my classes. When I came back, my tutors assisted me in catching up on the subjects I missed and helped me whenever I required their support.

The lodging provided by the International Study Centre is convenient and cozy. It is nearby, and the spaces are en-suite with a shared cooking area. The first day you show up, you receive a welcome pack which includes whatever you require in your space and cooking area. There are 3 lodging buildings at the International Study Centre: Rialto Court, Infinity, and Endeavour Court. The time it requires to go the Study Centre from Rialto and Infinity is around 10-15 minutes. When I started here, I was 17, so I was assigned the Endeavour Court, which is 5 minutes away from the Study Centre. Likewise, there is a terrific welfare team to support the students and make sure that they have great mental health.

Throughout my foundation year, I met brand-new friends that will last a lifetime. We supported each other during this journey and made a small household. Whenever we would feel homesick, we would help each other. Also, we commemorated various events from each nation and learned about their culture. Birthdays was our thing; we would commemorate our birthdays, do great deals of surprises, take funny videos and dance in the rain. The weather is extremely unpredictable, so be prepared.

My experience studying at the International Study Centre was outstanding. Not just did it prepare me for my chemistry degree at Durham University, but it likewise assisted me in growing as an individual. This program also established my clinical and interaction skills that will not only be useful for my chemistry course at Durham; however, likewise, in my future career.

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