To Focus Or Not To Focus

To Focus Or Not To Focus

Often I receive emails from people who have been learning about and applying the Law of Attraction, yet they feel stuck. They are clear about what they desire. They remain focused on their desire, and yet, it seems to be so slow in coming or out of reach entirely.

Here’s an example of one such email: “I have been attempting to attract a great mate into my life and have truly concentrated on it for the past 3 months. I have posted positive affirmations on my restroom mirror with favorable quotes like ‘I am married now to a fantastic person’ and so on … I also checked out every early morning and mid-day and night a positive affirmation that I am attracting a great mate who balances with me. I likewise bought an unlimited loop cassette tape and tape-recorded that I have an excellent spouse which I have drawn in a good person to myself etc. and I listen to it every night. I believe that it will come to me.

Could it be that this person is focusing excessive? Surely all these affirmations and positive declarations need to have produced the desired result by now! Yes, this person is most likely focusing excessively on their desire and causing resistance to

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